FAQ: How to open a lock with a soda can?

How do you open a locker without a key?

Hold the tension wrench twisted in the correct direction and insert the rake into the lock where the teeth of the keys would go. Push and pull the rake out of the lock, twisting it and working by feel. Twist the tension wrench in the correct direction, and the lock should spring open!

How do you break open a lock?

Pound the lock over and over again using quick, short strikes. Eventually, you’ll disengage enough of the pins to “bump” the lock open. You can also use the handle of a screwdriver or another hard, blunt item if you don’t happen to have a hammer handy.

How do you open a padlock if you forgot the combination?

Padlock Shims

If your combination lock is older, it’s possible to create a shim (a type of wedge) to force it open. Padlock shims can be bought online. They usually come with specific instructions. Generally, they’re inserted into the left-hand side of the lock’s latch and trick it into coming open.

What can I use to cut a lock?

The simplest tool for cutting locks is the bolt cutter. Essentially it is just a reinforced pair of scissors with a fulcrum joint for additional power. Bolt cutters come in a variety of sizes, with the longer-handled ones giving you more leverage for greater power.

How do you open a lock with a bobby pin?

Press the bobby pin forward into the lock– depending on the door, simple forward pressure can be enough to open the lock. Wiggle the bobby pin in the lock until you feel pressure on it, or hear a click. Turn the bobby pin as you would a key, pressing against the source of the pressure.

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How do you break a lock with a screwdriver?

A small or thin screwdriver will work best on interior doors or doors with privacy handles. Simply push the screwdriver into the hole on the doorknob straight through for as far as you can. Then, turn or twist the screwdriver until the lock opens.

How do you remove a lock on a lock?

Most padlocks can be removed with a pair of bolt cutters. The stronger the lock, the larger the bolt cutters will need to be (the larger the bolt cutters, the more PSI can be applied with less strain on the user). You can also invest in harder blades for whichever bolt cutters you have.

How do you unlock a 4 Number Lock?

To set a combination lock, place the dial at 0 to begin. Use the reset tool that came with the combination lock and push it into the hole on the side of the lock chamber. Turn it 90 degrees in either direction.

How do you reset a 4 digit lock?

Take these steps to reset your lock:

  1. Pull up the shackle to open the lock.
  2. Rotate the shackle 90° counterclockwise and press all the way down.
  3. Hold down the shackle and set your own combination by turning dials.
  4. Turn the shackle back as normal. The setting is now complete.

How do you open a 4 digit combination safe?

To unlock a true 4 number combination

  1. Starting anywhere, turn the dial right (clockwise), stopping when the first combination number comes to the opening index the FIFTH time.
  2. Turn the dial left (counterclockwise), stopping when the second number comes to the opening index the FOURTH time.

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