How can i watch the voice online?

Can I stream The Voice Live Online?

Watch The Voice Online with NBC’s Official Network App

The Voice, is of course an NBC program. You can watch The Voice online with the official NBC app, if you feel so inclined. NBC also has a lot of their episodes available for direct streaming on their website.

How do I stream the voice?

Watch The Voice Episodes at

Can I watch the voice on Amazon Prime?

Watch The Voice | Prime Video.

Where can I watch The Voice 2020?

Episodes of The Voice will be available to stream for free on Peacock and the next day.

How can I watch NBC online for free?

To watch NBC without cable or satellite, you basically have two options:

  1. Streaming Services, like fuboTV, offer NBC streaming in many areas, and also come with TONS of other networks to enjoy.
  2. Digital Antennas, which offer the ability to watch NBC for free.
  3. For indoor use, we recommend the Mohu Leaf 30.

Can I watch the voice on Hulu live?

Can I watch The Voice with Hulu Live TV? Yes, Hulu Live TV carries The Voice on NBC as part of their Hulu Live TV package.

How do I vote for The Voice 2020?

We’ve made it easy to vote and save on the The Voice Official App or You’ll need to set up an NBCUniversal Profile, and when the Live Shows begin, choose your favorite artist and cast your vote! You can also vote on or go to for a list of vote methods available.

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Can you watch the voice on YouTube?

Watch The Voice online | YouTube TV (Free Trial)

Did they take the voice off Hulu 2020?

It’s on Hulu but no episodes are available.

Where can I watch The Voice live online for free?

You can watch the Season 20 two-episode premiere of The Voice live for FREE with fuboTV (free trial), or watch it on Peacock the following day.

How can I watch The Voice live without cable?

How to watch The Voice Live Without Cable

  1. When The Voice Airs: 8 pm ET on Monday and Tuesdays.
  2. TV Network: NBC.
  3. Best Way to Stream Live: Hulu (Free Trial), YouTube TV (Free Trial)
  4. Current Season On-Demand: Hulu Streaming Library (Free Trial),

Why did Adam Levine leave the voice?

In October 2019, Adam finally shared the real motivation behind his departure: His family. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the father of two said that leaving The Voice allowed him to focus on his wife and children. This content is imported from YouTube.

How can I live stream NBC?

There are numerous ways to watch NBC without having cable or satellite TV. You can even watch your local NBC channel for free using a TV antenna or stream NBC on the free streaming service Locast. You can also stream NBC live on Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, and AT&T TV.

How do I watch the voice on Roku?

Availability To Stream The Voice

Head on over to or download the app to your Apple or Android Device, Apple TV, Roku, XBox, Amazon Fire or Samsung TV.

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