Question: How many songs can an 8gb ipod hold?

How many songs can an iPod touch 8GB hold?

iPod Q&A – Updated November 21, 2011

iPod Name Capacity (GB) Estimated Songs
iPod shuffle 3rd Gen (C) 2 GB, 4 GB 500, 1000
iPod shuffle 4th Gen 2 GB 500†
iPod touch 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB 1750, 3500, 7000
iPod touch 2nd Gen 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB 1750, 3500, 7000

How many songs can 8GB hold?

An 8GB device can hold roughly 1500 to 2000 songs based on the factors mentioned above. Remember that the length and quality of the songs being placed on the 8GB device will determine how many songs the device can store.

How many GB is 1000 songs?

What do you have? Audio Quality Memory required
1000 songs 128 kbps 2 GB 680 MB
10,000 songs 128 kbps 20 GB 680 GB
100 songs 192 kbps 403.2 MB
1000 songs 192 kbps 4 GB 32 Mb

How much is a iPod 8GB worth?

It will cost around $200-$400 depending on how much memory you want on your Ipod. If you want 8gb then it will be around $200 for that Ipod. If you want 16gb+ it will be $300-$400.

How many GB is 5000 songs?

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And music files we added used approximately 30 GB (around 5000 songs).

What is the biggest iPod?

But for those with huge media libraries, even the 160GB iPod classic, the highest-capacity iPod Apple has ever produced, doesn’t provide enough space.

Does anyone use MP3 players anymore?

Despite streaming services taking over how we listen to music, the MP3 player is still alive and well in 2019, in concept if not name (portable music player makes more sense). In other words, the MP3 player in 2019 is a device for audiophiles.

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Is 8GB a lot of storage?

If you are going to store emails without images, video or any other attachment, then YES 8GB is quite a lot. However, nowadays, when people are talking about “storage“, it usually means storage of photos, vidoes, or even storage space of computer application or cellphone app. Then 8GB is not a lot but quite not enough.

How many songs can 256gb hold?

General rule on file sizes

Flash drive size 8 MB MP3 6 MB MP3
32 GB 4,096 5,461
64 GB 8,192 10,922
128 GB 16,384 21,845
256 GB 32,768 43,690

How many GB is a song?

It depends on many factors, primarily The QUALITY of the song. By default, a audio song standard 4 minutes takes about 5 mb in 128 Kbps and a 64GB has about 59 GB available after iOS So about 200 Per GB Gives room for about 12000 songs.

How many GB is 3000 photos?

Storage Chart

Storage Capacity1 Photos (Compressed JPEG) Video Recording2
8MP 4K 30fps (min.)
4GB 1500 8
8GB 3000 16
16GB 6000 33

How many GB is a FLAC song?

An easier way to look at it is to consider it as roughly 3 FLAC albums per GB.

Are old iPods worth anything?

The iPod is almost 20 years old, hard to believe it’s been that long. Apple doesn’t offer any cash for an iPod like that instead they do offer to recycle it for you. Not all iPods are worth something. If they’re completely busted or too old to be of any value, the best thing you can do is recycle your device.

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How much is an iPod 4 worth?

Apple sells refurbished 4th-gen 8GB iPod touch models for $129, and that’s with a full 1-year factory warranty. And there are a number of used units being sold on eBay with “buy it now” prices of $50 – $70.

How can I get free iPod?

How do you get a Free iPod Touch? Simple. Transcendent Innovations Network is a marketing company that is offering legitimately free iPods to those who complete only (1) offer and refer a certain number of friends. Most offers are free to complete, so you don’t even have to spend a penny.

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