Readers ask: How can you call amazon?

Does Amazon have 24/7 customer service?

Amazon’s mission is to be ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company’, and our award-winning Customer Service team is an essential part of that mission. We consider each contact an opportunity to advocate for customers and provide support via phone, email and chat 24/7.

Can I talk to anyone at Amazon?

If you need to talk to a live person in Amazon customer service you need to dial 1-888-280-4331. This phone number is available from 3 am to 10 pm PST seven days a week.

How do I ring Amazon?

Contact Amazon UK customer service advisors on their free-to-call phone number 0800 279 7234. This is the general enquiries helpline for Amazon UK customers so any query about your Amazon order, including if it hasn’t arrived on time or there is a problem with the item received, should be directed to this phone number.

Does Amazon have customer support?

Amazon Customer Service handles all inquiries for deliveries shipped with Amazon. You can contact us if you need to reschedule a delivery or with any other questions you may have.

How do I reach a live person at Amazon?

How to Speak to a Live Person: Call 866-216-1072 and get directed to an automated voice messaging system. Press 0 and you will be placed on hold to speak with a live customer service agent for

Can I reply to CS reply Amazon?

If you have an Amazon account, you should be able to access your invoice under your orders. or (206) 266-2992, I hope that answers your question.

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How much does Amazon Prime cost?

If you sign up to a monthly membership, your membership charge is ₹129. For an annual membership, the charge is ₹999. If you don not want to convert from a free trial to a paid membership, cancel your Amazon Prime membership on the Manage Prime Membership page.

How do I contact Amazon about unauthorized charges?

If you think you may have been contacted by a fraudulent source offering employment on behalf of Amazon, send an email to [email protected] If you think you may have received a suspicious or fraudulent correspondence claiming to be from Amazon, we recommend that you report it.

How Long Does Amazon take to call back?

About 3-5 business days.

Will Amazon ever contact you by phone?

Important: Phone Calls

While some departments at Amazon will make outbound calls to customers, Amazon will never ask you to disclose or verify sensitive personal information, or offer you a refund you do not expect. We recommend that you report any suspicious or fraudulent correspondence.

Can I chat with Amazon online?

This is why we are announcing web and mobile chat for Amazon Connect. Your customers can now choose between using chat or making a phone call to get their questions or concerns addressed. Your customers can start chatting with contact center agents from any of your business applications, web or mobile.

How much is Amazon Prime a month?

Monthly Prime members continue to pay $12.99 per month. Monthly Prime Student members continue to pay $6.49 per month. Your Prime Membership may be subject to sales tax in some states. For more details about, or to make changes to your membership go to Manage Amazon Prime Membership.

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Will Amazon deliver on Thanksgiving 2020?

Amazon Prime Now will be delivering groceries and food this Thanksgiving. With Amazon Prime Now, you do need to add a tip to your order for delivery, unlike regular Amazon Prime. The people working there are pretty much shopping for you and delivering your food. A gratuity is definitely needed.

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