Readers ask: How can you move the insertion point quickly to the beginning of a word document?

What is the shortcut key to move to the beginning of the document?

Go to beginning of a document: [Ctrl]+[Home] Go to the bottom of a screen: [Ctrl]+[Page Down]

How do you move an inserted object in Word?

Resize and Move as Desired

Click the frame border to display the pull handles. Click the handle and drag on the document to resize the object. Click in the object and drag to move the object around your Word document.

How do I move the insertion point to a specific page?

To take advantage of this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Press F5.
  2. On the left side of the dialog box, make sure that you indicate you want to go to a page (this should be the default choice).
  3. Enter the page number to which you want to move.
  4. Click on Go To, or press Enter.

How do I move my cursor to the beginning of a line?

Moving the Cursor

The Ctrl key can also be combined with the Home and End keys. Home – Move cursor to beginning of current line. End – Move cursor to end of current line. Ctrl+Home – Move cursor to top of the text entry field.

How do I move my cursor down?

Press $ to move the cursor to the end of the current line.

  1. Moving Down One Line. Press the Return key to move the cursor to the beginning of the next line down.
  2. Moving Left. Press the Back Space key to move the cursor one character to the left.
  3. Moving Right.
  4. Moving to the Top.
  5. Moving to the Middle.
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What is shortcut key of move?

In Windows, dragging and dropping a file will perform the default task—usually moving. However, holding down a certain key will perform different actions: Ctrl+Drag will copy the file. Shift+Drag will move the file (in situations where copy is the default—like when you’re dragging a file between two different drives)

What are the two options when inserting an object?

There are two options to insert objects: Create New: Insert object directly. Select the type of the object you want to insert in the Object type roll-down list. WPS Spreadsheets supports a variety of object types, such as WPS Spreadsheets Workbook, WordPad document, and Microsoft Excel among others.

How do you move an object freely in Word?

First, confirm that the object is not set to In Line with Text: With the object selected click the Arrange button on the Shape Format contextual tab. From the Wrap Text choices select the method you prefer. You then should be able to freely drag the object to any location.

Where is the position command in Word?

On the Format tab, click the Position command in the Arrange group. A drop-down menu of predefined image positions will appear. Select the desired image position. The image will adjust in the document, and the text will wrap around it.

How do you move the insertion point to the end of a Word document?

The key combinations to move to the top or bottom of the current screen are Ctrl+Alt+PgUp and Ctrl+Alt+PgDn. That’s Ctrl+Alt, not just the Ctrl key.

How to Move the Insertion Pointer in Word 2010.

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Press This Key or Combination To Whisk the Insertion Pointer
Ctrl+End To the end of the document
Ctrl+Home To the tippy-top of the document

What tab can you use to quickly move the insertion point to a specific page or heading?


Term Where is the show/hide button? Definition in the Paragraph group on the HOME tab
Term Which command do you use to display two open docuemnts at the same time? Definition Arrange All
Term What tab can you use to quickly move the insertion point to a specific page or heading? Definition Go to

Which key is used to move the cursor?

arrow keys help to move the cursor on the screen of a computer.

Which command is used to move the cursor down one line?

You can simply press Shift-right-arrow, and then start typing. In contrast, to these combination shift-arrow commands which move the cursor to the beginning and end of lines, the Ctrl-left-arrow and Ctrl-right-arrow keys move the screen image 20 spaces in the opposite direction to the arrow, without moving the cursor.

Which key brings you back at the beginning of a page?

Home key helps to move to the beginning of the page.

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