How Do You Dry Peppermint Leaves For Tea?

Using paper towels or other absorbent cloths, thoroughly dry the mint leaves. When the mint is completely dried, carefully remove the leaves off the stems. Prepare a cookie sheet by arranging the leaves in a single layer. Warm them in the oven at 180 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Celsius for two hours, then check to see whether they have totally dried out.

The process of drying mint leaves for use in tea is a great method to keep it fresh till and through the winter. Pour boiling water into a cup or a tea ball and place the leaves in the bottom to bring it back to life when you’re through making the tea. It was not long after I arrived in Israel that I began producing mint leaves for tea.

How do you make peppermint tea?

A teaspoon of dried mint is all that is needed to brew a single cup of mint tea. Allow for a 3-minute steeping time in hot water. And you’ve learned how to brew peppermint tea, too!

How do you Dry Peppermint at home?

Whenever she goes to the farmers market, a dear friend of mine buys bunches of peppermint and freezes it, taking handfuls out whenever she wants to make iced tea. Three methods for drying mint at home, including a basic air-drying technique, a food dehydrator, and the oven, are described here.

How long should you leave Peppermint in tea?

If you desire a strong cup of tea with a strong peppermint taste, leave the peppermint in for the entire 12-minute period.Remove the peppermint leaves from the dish.Remove the tea leaves from the pot once the tea has completed steeping.You may either fish them out with a spoon or filter the tea into another mug, ensuring that all of the leaves are collected in the strainer, before discarding them.

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