How Do You Make A Wax Paper Suncatcher?


  1. 1Cut little pieces of tissue paper in a variety of colors. Small pieces of tissue paper in a variety of colors should be cut.
  2. 2Prepare a sheet of wax paper. A sheet of wax paper should be laid down flat, and some paste should be placed on it.
  3. Place tissue pieces over the paste in four rows. In five rows, place more tissue pieces. In six rows, peel off the wax paper. In seven rows, cut shapes. In eight rows, use your suncatchers.

Cut an opening at the top of your suncatcher and thread an appropriate length of string through it. Make a loop out of the string by tying the ends together at the ends. Hang the suncatcher at a window that gets plenty of natural light. Tape a sheet of wax paper to the surface of your workstation. You may also use freezer paper or a plastic sheet protector to safeguard your work.

How do you make Suncatcher with wax paper and crayons?

Crayon shavings may be made by sharpening the crayon.

  1. Cut two pieces of waxed paper that are slightly bigger in diameter than the cardstock ring for each suncatcher.
  2. Cut strips of black cardboard in a variety of thicknesses and lengths to use as embellishments. Glue them on the back of your suncatcher to give it a stained glass appearance.
  3. Make a hole in the center of your suncatcher’s top

Can you make a suncatcher with parchment paper?

It’s best to use parchment paper (coffee filters or tissue paper would also work, but bear in mind that the thinner the paper, the more readily it will break!) to protect your work.

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How do you iron crayons with wax paper?

Remove the crayons from their packaging by peeling back the wrapping.Place the wax paper on top of an old dishtowel, and then cover the entire surface with another dishtowel to seal in the moisture.Using a low setting on your iron, gently press and iron the wax paper until the crayon shavings begin to dissolve.Set it aside to cool, and then use a magic marker to design your desired shape on it once it has cooled.

What materials do you need to make suncatchers?

Things you will need

  1. Making a suncatcher using crystal or glass beads in the forms of rondelle or bicone is simple and effective.
  2. Crystal or charm in a prominent position
  3. Clear beading thread (fishing wire) – this is very useful when working with transparent beads.
  4. A key ring or a robust loop – this will be connected to the top of the suncatcher so that you can hang it up

How do you melt wax on paper?

On the right side of the parchment paper, sprinkle a little quantity of wax crumbles to make a pattern. In a single motion, fold the parchment paper in half and run an iron over the back of it to melt the wax. It will just take a few seconds for the wax to melt!

Can you color on wax paper?

An alternative to using grated crayons and an iron that is both safe and simple. Mixing glue with tempera paint or food coloring to get a vibrant color result is simple (or use colored glue thinned with a little water). Using a paintbrush, apply glue to two pieces of wax paper that are the same size as one another (the paper should be well coated with glue).

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