How Does The Micturition Reflex Work?

Micturition reflexes are characterized by a coordinated and continuous contraction of the detrusor muscle (the detrusor reflex) and a synchronous relaxation of the urethra during the process of passing urine. 20 The micturition reflex, in addition, may result in urine storage, depending on the size of one’s bladder.

As soon as the bladder becomes fully swollen with urine, stretch receptors located in its wall initiate the micturition reflex. The contraction of the detrusor muscle, which surrounds the bladder, occurs. It is possible for urine to leak out of the bladder and into the urethra when the internal urethral sphincter is relaxed. Both of these reactions are completely uncontrollable.

Micturition reflexes are characterized by a coordinated and continuous contraction of the detrusor muscle (the detrusor reflex) and a synchronous relaxation of the urethra during the process of passing urine. Reflex dyssynergia is the term used to describe detrusor contraction without urethral relaxation. One could also wonder, what exactly is the process of micturition like.

What are the steps of the micturition reflex?

  1. Urine (micturition) is produced normally in the body during the following times: The kidneys produce urine
  2. urine is deposited in the bladder
  3. the sphincter muscles relax
  4. and the process is repeated.
  5. Contracting the bladder muscle (detrusor), urine is expelled from the body through the urethra, and the bladder is empty again.

What is the micturition reflex and what does it do?

In humans, the micturition reflex is a route that combines the integration of bladder filling, storing, and emptying with contraction and relaxation of the urethral sphincter (see Figure 51-2).

How does micturition work quizlet?

What is the mechanism through which the micturition reflex operates? A build-up of urine strains the bladder and triggers sensory stretch receptors, which sends a signal to the spinal cord by the pelvic nerves. A reflex reaction, which returns via the PS nerves, causes the detrusor muscle to contract reflexively. When the volume is turned down, the detrusor relaxes on its own.

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What is micturition reflex quizlet?

The term micturition is defined as follows: Process of filling the bladder to the point at which the autonomic micturition reflex results in the emptying of the bladder, or, if the autonomic micturition reflex fails, the conscious desire to pee takes over. The smooth muscle that lines the bladder is called the bladder lining muscle.

Is the micturition reflex voluntary or involuntary?

The act of micturition is triggered by an autonomic reflex that originates in the spinal column. In addition, whether the act of micturition is deliberately begun or when it occurs after a time of suppression by the brain, this reflex aids in the completion of the act by allowing the external sphincter to relax.

What is micturition reflex Class 11?

Micturition is defined as the passing of urine from the urinary bladder through the urethra to the bladder. Urination is another word for this process. This happens involuntarily in youngsters until to the age of 4-5 years, after which it is voluntarily managed.

Is micturition carried out by a reflex?

Micturition is a reflex process that may be controlled to some extent by the individual.

Where is the micturition reflex initiated quizlet?

What causes the micturition reflex to be triggered? The sacral area of the spinal cord receives signals from stretch receptors in the wall of the urine bladder. You just completed a 55-term study session!

Which part of the brain controls the micturition urination reflex?

The pons is a primary relay area that connects the brain to the bladder and vice versa. When you urinate, the pons coordinates the mechanical process with the rest of the body in a location known as the pontine micturition center (PMC).

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What triggers the micturition reflex quizlet?

When it comes to the micturition reflex, what are the steps? 1) Filling the urine bladder causes the bladder wall to be stretched, activating the stretch receptors and triggering the stretch reflex to occur. The PELVIC NERVE transports sensory (afferent) impulses from stretch receptors to the sacral area of the SPINAL CORD.

What triggers the process of micturition quizlet?

The micturition reflex is triggered by stretch receptors located in the bladder wall. When does the secretion process take place?

How does the bladder respond after being stimulated by the micturition reflex quizlet?

What is the response of the urine bladder to these various stimuli? The stimulation of parasympathetic neurons from the spinal cord to the bladder results in the contraction of the smooth muscle of the bladder wall.

Which of the following stimulates micturition quizlet?

A direct stimulus to micturition is one of the options listed below. Urine will cause the urinary bladder wall to stretch, which will cause micturition to occur.

How does ADH contribute to the formation of concentrated urine?

In the presence of ADH, the medullary collecting ducts become permeable to solute and water, allowing them to function normally. This results in a concentration of the interstitial fluid of the medulla being transferred to the fluid entering the ducts (on its way to the renal pelvis and subsequent elimination); hence, the urine becomes concentrated.

What is the voluntary component of micturition?

Involuntary micturition begins with a decrease in intraurethral pressure, which is caused by relaxation of the pelvic floor and urethral striated muscles. This is followed in a few seconds by a detrusor contraction and a rise in intravesical pressure, which is maintained until the bladder is completely empty.

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What is bladder emptying and micturition reflex?

Bladder Emptying and the Micturition Reflex are two different things. As part of the micturition or emptying phase, there is a coordinated relaxation of the inner and outer urethral sphincters, which are regulated by the sympathetic and somatic nervous systems, as well as strong contractions of the detrusor muscle, which is regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system.

What is the mechanism of micturition?

Micturition During micturition, the bladder detrusor muscle, which is controlled by parasympathetic (cholinergic) nerves, contracts in sync with the bladder neck and sphincter, which are controlled by sympathetic (adrenergic) nerves, resulting in the formation of urine. 2010 edition of the textbook Complications of Urologic Surgery (Fourth Edition).

What muscles are involved in micturition?

The abdominal wall and pelvic floor musculature also contribute to the process by increasing the force applied to the bladder to aid in the completion of the emptying process. The act of micturition is triggered by an autonomic reflex that originates in the spinal column.

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