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Divorces are complex and emotional issues, even under the best of circumstances. However, factor in questions of child custody and those issues can grow infinitely more complex and emotional. Even if separating parents agree on every other aspect of their divorce, child custody issues can easily bring the entire matter to an impasse.

If you or someone you love faces a child custody battle in the state of Washington, you owe it to yourself to retain the most experienced, trustworthy legal counsel available in order to protect your rights and the rights of the children involved.  You need to contact Kirkland lawyer Virginia A. Leen.

How Kirkland child custody lawyers can help

The most important thing an experienced child custody lawyer brings to the table is a thorough knowledge of how family and custody law works in the jurisdiction where your case is heard. Custody laws in the state of Washington, for instance, are unique.

Child custody plans and visitation agreements in Washington are called parenting plans, for example, and every divorced family must have such a plan in place to refer to should disagreements develop in the future. As a knowledgeable child custody attorney, Virginia A. Leen understands that, since no two families are the same, no two parenting plans are the same. She takes the time to understand the specific needs of each of her clients, and to develop specific, custom parenting plans that work for them and minimize the risks of future, expensive modification procedures.

Parenting plans are important. They define everything from primary custody arrangements to the rights of both parents in terms of decision-making and visitation. However, with creativity and patience, any separating family can reach an agreement that accommodates the needs of everyone involved.

When custody is contested

No parent wants to endure a contentious child custody battle, but sometimes it is unavoidable. In the state of Washington, a parenting evaluator — who is usually a mental health professional or experienced family law attorney — normally hears contested custody cases. The evaluator reviews the case and recommends a plan defining custody, visitation, and decision-making rights.

Washington family courts rely heavily on the decisions of this evaluator. Therefore, if your custody case faces such evaluation, it is even more essential that you retain the most experienced Seattle area legal counsel you can. This can help ensure the best possible evaluator hears your case and that your case is presented in a fashion designed to sway the evaluator towards a favorable decision.

Contact one of the most experienced Kirkland child custody attorneys practicing

Virginia A. Leen understands that child custody issues can be traumatic. If you face such a legal matter, or any issue of family law in the state of Washington, contact Virginia Leen Law & Mediation Office, P.S. in King County to learn how positive legal representation can help you and your family. We may provide a preliminary assessment of your case via a complimentary phone consultation. Contact us online or at 425-242-6905 today.

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