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It can be difficult for even a single person to live on one salary today — let alone raise children. Therefore, when parents of children do not live together, the parent with primary custody often struggles to make ends meet. For this reason, family courts often mandate that one parent, usually the one without primary custody, make regular child support payments to the other in order to help pay for the needs of the children.

Child support can be one of the most contentious issues in family law. Many times, the parent paying support feels the amount is unfairly high while the parent receiving support finds it unfairly low. Getting help from an experienced Kirkland child support attorney like Virginia A. Leen is sometimes the only path to resolving such disputes.

Calculating child support in Washington

In many cases, child support obligations are calculated according to a legally mandated formula, and all Kirkland attorneys can do is ensure you understand the formula at work to calculate those obligations. Formulas are often directly determined by the net incomes of the involved parties.

When calculating net income for an unemployed or underemployed parent, or a parent who owns a business or has irregular income, things can be more complicated. The final figures in such cases can dramatically affect child support awards. In child support disputes such as these, an experienced child support attorney can help ensure the net income calculations used to determine the award in your case are fair.

Considerations beyond the child support obligations

Extraordinary expenses can be another difficult aspect of child support arrangements in the Seattle area. Beyond basic child support needs, parents are legally obligated to share the costs of other child-related expenses that often include:

  • Education
  • Sports and activity expenses
  • Uninsured health care
  • Travel costs
  • Work related childcare

Moreover, while such obligations technically fall outside the realm of child support, courts may under certain circumstances mandate that parents pay for higher education expenses for their adult children.

If you or someone you love faces an issue involving extraordinary child support expenses, or simply has a question regarding what such expenses may include or how they work, do not rely solely on research and assumptions. Contact an experienced family lawyer like Virginia A. Leen to get the answers you need.

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Virginia A. Leen understands how difficult and trying child support issues can be for parents. If you face such a legal matter, or any issue of family law in the state of Washington, contact Virginia Leen Law & Mediation Office, P.S. in King County today. She may be able to provide a preliminary assessment of your case through a complimentary phone consultation. Contact our offices online or at 425-242-6905.

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