How Big Are Air New Zealand Seats?

Economy Class on the Air New Zealand 787-9 A regular Economy Class seat on an Air New Zealand long-haul aircraft provides 31 inches of legroom and between 17 and 17.8 inches of seat width, which is not a lot of personal space to have on a plane that is frequently in the air for more than 10 hours.

Seats will be 20.5′′ (52cm) broad, expanding into 80.25′′ (204cm) flat beds, with a seat pitch of 45′′. Additional information have been revealed about the seats (114.5cm).

What are space+ seats on Air New Zealand?

Air New Zealand has restored Space+ seats on the Trans-tasman flights, featuring 35 inches of pitch in the first three rows of the A320s. These are exclusively accessible to Works or Works Deluxe customers, and only Airpoints Gold Elite and Gold members of Air New Zealand’s Airpoints frequent flyer programme are granted these seats.

What kind of seats does Air New Zealand have on A321?

Air New Zealand has a fleet of five Airbus 321neo aircraft. This aircraft is utilized for domestic flights only, and it has a single cabin for passenger comfort. The seats on this version of the A321 are narrow line seats that do not have in-flight entertainment systems installed. Space+ seats are available in Economy Class on Air New Zealand.

What kind of planes does Air New Zealand fly?

Seat Maps for Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 (Boeing 787-9) (789) Planes and seat maps for Layout 1 are shown below. ATR 72-500 is a turboprop aircraft. Airbus A320 (Airbus A320) (320) Airbus A320 for domestic flights (320) International Airbus A320neo (Airbus A320neo) (320) Airbus A321neo (Airbus A321neo) (321) Boeing 777-200ER (Extended Range) (772) Boeing 777-300 (Boeing 777-300) (773)

Is the Air New Zealand Sky couch worth the extra $600?

  1. Verified Review |
  2. This review has been verified.
  3. We’d been wanting to experience the economy sky sofa on Air New Zealand for a long, and on this journey from San Francisco to Auckland, we decided to pay the extra $600 to reserve one.
  4. It was well worth it.
  5. According to the idea, Sky Couch is a fantastic concept: you receive customized seats in a row of three that have fold-up footrests that fill the area between your seat and the seat above you.
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How wide are Air NZ seats?

Dimensions. Seats are 17.2 feet broad, have a pitch of 31-33 feet, and a recline of 5 feet. According to the precise aircraft type you are flying on, the size and configurations of our planes may differ slightly from one another. To find out about the seating layout, pitch, and dimensions for your flight on our thorough seat maps, please visit our website.

What’s the difference between economy and premium economy on Air New Zealand?

Enjoy extra legroom with the biggest seat pitch in its class and relax with 50 percent greater recline than Economy. We have created a stunningly comfy ink coloured premium leather seat with large armrests, a leg rest and foot support.

What is an Air NZ preferred seat?

Seating Arrangements These seats are located in a convenient place on the aircraft and may also offer more legroom if available.

How many seats does an Air New Zealand plane have?

The first nine 787-9 aircraft delivered are outfitted with 18 Business, 21 Premium Economy, 42 Economy Skycouch, and 221 basic economy seats, for a total of 302 seats on board each aircraft.

What is the seating on a 777?

There are 8 First Class seats, 64 Business Class seats, 24 Premium Economy seats, and 116 Economy Class seats on this flight. Seat rows are labeled with numbers ranging from 1 to 42.

Is Air NZ premium economy worth it?

I was left with an overall impression. The most memorable aspect of this trip for me was the nice service, but the delicious food, comfy seats, and ample pitch are all reasons why I’d like to travel Air New Zealand’s premium economy offering again. Air New Zealand, on the other hand, has the ability to significantly improve the product.

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Does Air NZ give free upgrades?

In the event that you are an Elite or Gold Airpoints member, we will provide you with two recognition upgrades within your membership year. During each membership year, silver members are eligible for one recognition upgrade.

Do you get free drinks in premium economy?

Premium economy prices are roughly 15 to 20 percent more expensive than basic economy fares, but they come with additional legroom and complimentary beverages, among other amenities. Premium economy passengers enjoy the perks of premium economy seating even before boarding the plane, thanks to separate priority check-in lines and priority boarding.

Do you get lounge access with Air New Zealand premium economy?

Please keep in mind that traveling in premiumeconomy does not get you access to airport lounges. Members of the AirpointsTM Elite, Gold, or Elite Partner or Koru programs, as well as Star Alliance Gold members, are eligible to use the lounge facilities. Find out more about the in-flight entertainment options available.

How much is a Skycouch on Air New Zealand?

The cost of an Air New Zealand Skycouch versus a premium economy ticket

Economy Premium Economy
Adult $3,141 $6,390
Adult x 2 $6,283 $12,782
Adult x 2 and infant $6,707 $13,512
Adult x 2 and 2+ yo child $8,588 $17,703

Do you have to pay to sit together on a plane?

Many airlines allow you to pre-pay for the seats you want ahead of time, however the price you’ll pay may vary depending on the airline and your travel schedule. Most domestic and international flights will need you to pay anywhere from $5 to $50 per person to reserve a seat in advance, depending on the airline.

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How do I choose my flight seat?

7 suggestions for selecting the most comfortable flight seat every time

  1. Identify a suitable location for sitting.
  2. Make use of SeatGuru.
  3. Free seat selection can be obtained by leveraging your status or credit cards.
  4. Decide whether or not you want to pay for your seat.
  5. Be kind when you check in.
  6. Consider flying with a carrier that does not allow middle seats.
  7. If everything else fails, you can always inquire on the aircraft.

Does Air New Zealand fly 777?

The B777-300ER is the largest aircraft in the New Zealand Airlines fleet, and it is also the most expensive. According to Cirium, the world’s leading supplier of aviation and air travel statistics, the airline currently has seven of these planes in storage at its facilities.

How many 747 did Air NZ have?

According to statistics from, Air New Zealand operated a total of eight 747-400s during the period under review. Known as the ″Queen of the Skies,″ the Boeing 747-400 was one of two 747 types introduced in the 1980s and was the most widely flown of the three aircraft.

How many 787 does Air NZ have?

Jet aircraft

Aircraft In operation On order
B787-9 14
Airbus A320 – Short haul 3
Airbus A320 – Domestic NZ 17
A320/A321neo 11 9

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