How Do T Cells Become Activated Quizlet?

T cells are triggered by signals sent by antigens that they come into contact with. Macrophages, which are white blood cells that present antigens, engulf and digest the antigens they encounter. Molecular information about the antigen is captured by antigen-presenting cells, which is then attached to a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II molecule by the immune system.

What occur if one try to activate a T-cell without other co-activators?

  1. What happens when one tries to activate a T-Cell without the assistance of the other co-activators 1.
  2. It will not respond and may even develop into an anergic cell as a result.
  3. What is an anergic T-Cell 1.
  4. This is a kind of T-Cell that does not respond to any stimuli.
  5. What exactly is an anergic cell?
  6. One that is incapable of responding to any signal; 2.

What is the significance of possessing one?

What is the role of T cells in B-cell activation?

  1. Explain the role of t cells in B cell activation in the context of T-dependent autoimmune disease.
  2. Activation of B-cells Activation of t cells by B cells is mediated by the MHC, although T cell signals are required for activation of B cells, and T cells also produce cytokines that activate B cells.
  3. This causes T cells to become activated, and it may be detected on the surface of b cells AFTER IT HAS BEEN ATTACHED TO AN ANTIGEN

What is required for T cell-dependent B-cell activation?

  1. This interaction with the T cell is required for T cell dependent B cell activation cognate interaction this interaction is required with the T cell co-stimulatory molecule CD40L from the T cell activates the cd40 Receptor on the B cell surface what are the factors on the B cell surface that aid in the activation of the B cell -antibodies: bind to antigen/1st signal -antibodies: bind to antigen/2nd signal
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What are early genes that is turn on during T-cell activation?

What are the first genes that are activated during T-Cell activation, and what are the first cytokines that are produced? 1. They are genes that are responsible for the production of interleukin 2 (IL2) and the IL2 receptor, as well as for cell communication.

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