How Do You Restore A Wooden Cutting Board?

Cleaning brush or sponge with a stiff bristle

How do you revive your wood cutting board?

  1. Materials: 50-grit sandpaper and sander, mineral oil, cleaner similar to what you would use on a wood cutting board (I use lemon and salt), sandpaper

How to revive a wood cutting board?

An electric drill, several sheets of sandpaper, and some mineral oil are all you’ll need for this project. Some paper towels and a soft, absorbent cloth are also required.

How to clean your wooden cutting board and revitalize it?

You can use mineral oil or any other cleaning that you normally use on your wood cutting board (I use lemon and salt) The first step in transforming an old, soiled cutting board into a fresh one is to thoroughly wash it. In addition, I put salt all over my board and scrub it with a half of a lemon to clean it. Allow to dry.

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