Is It Hard To Pass The Civil Service Exam?

To pass the civil service test, you must maintain discipline and put in the necessary effort. There are those persons who put out little effort yet nonetheless manage to pass the exam with flying colors. This is not by chance, since it may be ascribed to having a solid intellectual basis in the first place.

How difficult is the all civil service exam?

A passing percentage of 80 percent is required for all Civil Service exams, including professional and sub-professional; paper and pencil and computer-assisted tests. Our reviewer can undoubtedly assist you in passing the exam in a single sitting. To be quite honest, I didn’t find the exam very challenging.

What is the passing rate for all civil service exam?

A passing rate of 80 percent is required for all Civil Service exams, including professional and sub-professional exams, paper and pencil exams, and computer-assisted exams. To be quite honest, I didn’t find the exam very challenging. However, I must say that the time allotted was virtually insufficient when compared to previous tests.

Why take civil service exam practice tests?

That is why it is essential to take practice exams. I recommend it not because civil service exam reviews contain the same questions as the actual test (they do not), but rather because simulated examinations can help you learn how to manage your time effectively on the actual exam. Answer the simpler questions first to ensure that you give each thing the same amount of attention.

When is the best time to study for the civil service exam?

Don’t study if you’re ″feeling mo″ — that’s a poor attitude to have when you’re studying, especially when the Civil Service Exam is coming up soon. In order for the game to be successful, seryoso ka must first be achieved. Locate a moment when you are at your most calm or unoccupied – for example after supper, before sleeping, around lunchtime, or while traveling.

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How difficult is it to pass the civil service exam?

  1. Preparation should include keeping track of your time and practice answering questions within the time limit.
  2. One test-taking strategy is to start with the questions you are familiar with and work your way up to the more difficult ones afterwards.
  3. It is important to note that you will not be penalized for making educated guesses on the exam.

Typically, a passing score of 70 percent or above is required to pass the exam.

What do I need to know to pass the civil service exam?

It is beneficial to prepare for the civil service test if you want to pass it. To be successful, you will need not just specific knowledge and expertise in your chosen industry, but also general knowledge and abilities such as critical thinking and time management.

Why do you think civil service exams were so tough?

Indeed, the UPSC is challenging in terms of its examination syllabus. More commitment and extended study hours are required due to the wide range of disciplines. In recognition of the fact that the work of an IAS is not restricted to a single topic, the subjects to be studied for this examination are divided into several streams.

How hard is civil service exam Philippines?

Overall, the civil service test is simpler than other exams like the UPCAT or equivalent exams. However, in order to successfully answer all of the questions, you will require additional time. And therein lies the rub: most individuals fail because they just do not have enough time. That is why it is essential to take practice exams.

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How many hours is civil service exam?

English, mathematics, general information, analogies, and logical reasoning are all included in the professional civil service examination. It consists of 170 items, with a total time of 3 hours and 10 minutes allotted for the entire test.

How much is civil service exam fee?

Paper and Pencil Test

Step Applicant/Client Fees
1 Download application form from the CSC website (
2 Submit accomplished application form without affixing signature and thumbprint.
3 Affixsignature and thumbprint on the form in the presence of Action Officer.
4 Pay to the Cashier. P500.00

What kind of questions are on a civil service test?

Grammar, vocabulary, spelling, word connections, and reading are the primary subject of clerical examinations. You’ll most likely find problem-solving tasks that incorporate addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division as well as other mathematical operations. It is possible that you may be given with a set of words and asked which one is correctly spelt.

What is a good score on PA civil service test?

When it comes to the Pennsylvania Civil Service Test, what is a decent score? It is necessary to get a score of 96 or better. It is possible that a score of 96 will not be sufficient. The test is straightforward, and a large number of individuals pass it.

Which UPSC exam is the easiest?

Based on the preferences of toppers, here is a list of some of the easiest optional subjects for UPSC.

Optional Subject (Approx) Number of Aspirants Syllabus Overlaps with
History 3500 Prelims, GS I
Geography 3500 Prelims, GS I and GS III
Public Administration 3000 Prelims, GS II
Political Science 1800 Prelims, GS II
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Which is the toughest exam in world?

  1. Gaokao’s list of the top ten most difficult exams in the world
  2. The IIT-JEE (Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination) is an examination for admission to Indian Institutes of Technology.
  3. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is an acronym that stands for Union Public Service Commission.
  4. Mensa
  5. Graduation Record Examination (GRE
  6. Graduate Record Examination)
  7. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification
  8. CCIE (Certified Cisco Internetworking Expert) is an acronym that stands for Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert.
  9. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, India) is a competitive examination for engineering graduates.

What will happens if you pass civil service exam Philippines?

You will receive the Career Service Subprofessional Eligibility after passing this civil service test type. This qualification allows you to work in first-level government occupations such as clerical, trades and crafts work and custodial work.

How many times can you take civil service exam?

It is important to note that there are no restrictions on the number of times you may take the exam. However, if you have taken the same-level CSE within three months of the test date, you will be unable to sit for the exam.

How can I pass civil service exam in the Philippines?

To help you pass the Civil Service Exam in one sitting, here are some pointers:

  1. Make a decision on when to sit for the Civil Service Exam.
  2. Preparation for the Civil Service Examination
  3. Understand what will be covered in the test. Recognize your own personal talents and shortcomings.
  4. Have a reviewer on hand
  5. Make a schedule for your studying time
  6. Practice your responses
  7. Make use of study partners.
  8. Thinking in a positive manner

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