Should I Sand After Aerating?

After core aeration, there is no necessity to add sand to finish the job.The aim of aeration, which is to allow the soil and roots to breathe and to reduce soil compaction, is negated if the holes are filled with sand, as seen in the image below.Golf facilities add sand to greens following aeration for two reasons: to improve playability and because sand is the basic soil of the greens (for drainage reasons).

While applying soil amendments after aeration, the sand helps to improve soil structure by filling the holes and allowing more water to penetrate the soil, hence promoting the development of healthy grass. This type of sand is ideal since it has no trash, weeds, or stones and is devoid of other contaminants.

Should I add sand to my lawn after aeration?

Yes, sand should be used as a top dressing after aeration to keep the soil from drying out. Sand may be used to solve drainage issues in soils, which is especially beneficial if your lawn has a heavy soil type and needs to drain well. In the event that you decide to use sand after aeration, be aware that it will fill the holes and change the soil structure.

How to aerate your lawn?

Next, use a garden fork to poke holes in the lawn to allow water to drain properly.After the first spiking and draining of the water, you may use a core aerator to assist you in removing small little cores of dirt from the ground.During this process, the majority of the remaining water will begin to flow.After that, a top dressing of sand should be used to aid in the absorption of any excess moisture.

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Why is aerating in spring a bad idea?

The reason why aerating your lawn in the spring is a terrible idea is because it may encourage the growth of weeds in your grass. I am confident that you are aware of what weeds are and the detrimental impact that they will almost certainly have on your grass. Essentially, if you choose to aerate your lawn in the spring, the aeration holes provide the ideal habitat for weeds to thrive.

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