What Can I Get An Aer Loan For?

  • AER provides soldiers with interest-free loans or grants on an as-needed basis for expenses such as emergency travel, food, utilities, rent, or medical expenses, depending on their individual circumstances.
  • Soldiers are only permitted to take out two AER loans per year without command clearance, while there is no financial restriction on the amount they can borrow.
  • In the army, how does one go about getting emergency assistance?

Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers that are activated in response to COVID-19 are eligible for financial assistance from Army Emergency Relief (AER) for basic living expenses such as rent, utilities, and food, and personal transportation costs such as car payments, auto insurance, and fuel.

What can I use Aer funds for?

Generally, AER monies are awarded in the form of a no-interest loan (which must be repaid within 12 months) or a grant (no payback required). Only essential and required expenses, such as rent, utilities, emergency leave, and medical expenses are eligible for reimbursement from AER funds.

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