Question: How can you determine whether the anti-lock brake system is functioning properly?

How can you determine whether the antilock brake system is functioning properly?

The lights will come on when you start the engine and may stay on for several seconds (4-5 seconds), if the light continues to stay on, or comes on while you’re driving, the antilock portion of the brake system is not functioning and service is required.

How do you determine a vehicle’s operating space?

The area immediately around your vehicle is referred to as the “ vehicle operating space ”. Identifying your vehicle’s blind zone Park your car in an empty lot and sit in the driver’s seat. Get your friend to stand against the bumper to the rear of the car while facing you and then walk backward one step at a time.

What steering method is best to maintain vehicle balance?

One-hand steering technique is used when backing or operating vehicle controls such as lights, flashers, and wipers, which need you to reach out from the steering wheel. Placing one hand on the steering wheel can help you maintain vehicle balance and prevent steering reversals and potential injury due to a crash.

In what position should you be to properly adjust your rearview mirror quizlet?

position your head so that it is centered under the inside rearview mirror, or just above the center console. Set the mirror so you can just barely see the side of the car in the left side of the mirror.

When you back up you should turn the steering wheel in the direction?

To steer the car in reverse, turn the wheel in the direction you want the rear of the car to go. Turning the wheel to the right steers the back of the car to the right. Turning the wheel to the left steers to the left.

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What are two of your responsibilities as a driver?

A lot of responsibility comes with a drivers license. You have to drive safely, obey the traffic laws, and respect the rights of other drivers.

What are the three steps of see?

SEE SM: A Strategy for Managing the Risk of Motor Vehicle Operation. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), in its Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) and other curricular products, promotes a three -part process with the acronym SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) as the core of a personal safe-riding strategy ( see diagram).

What’s an example of something that could be in your hidden operating space?

What’s an example of something that could be in your hidden operating space? pets, children, and toys.

How do I know how far my steering wheel is?

Move your seat back as far as you can while still comfortably reaching the pedals. You should be at least 10 inches from the steering wheel, from your breastbone to the center of the wheel.

What vision is first affected by fatigue drugs and speed?

drivers ed chapters 1-4

The vision used to judge depth perception is f
Your field of vision is g
A driver uses his/her _____vision to detect the motion from the sides. h
Which vision is first affected by fatigue, drugs and speed? i

When pulling away from the curb the driver should first?

When pulling away from the curb, you should: Signal, check over shoulder, then pull out when safe. Check your rear-view mirror, then pull out when safe. Check over your shoulder, then signal and wait.

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What are the two types of fields of vision?

Using your Eyes Effectively Our eyes provide two types of visions: Our central vision covers about three degrees of our visual field and peripheral vision, or side vision, covers the rest. Central vision plus side vision make up the entire visual field, which is the main source of information that all drivers need for safe driving.

How should I adjust my driver seat?

7 tips for adjusting your seat Raise your seat height so you can see clearly over the wheel, dash and hood. Move the seat track until you have a comfortable bend at the knee. Adjust the cushion tilt until you have even pressure from butt to hamstring.

When parallel parking what is the first thing you must do?

Always signal first, and then position your vehicle parallel with the vehicle parked (rear bumpers of both vehicles are aligned) in front of the empty spot. Keep at least two feet away from this vehicle (see figure).

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