Question: How many times can you fold a piece of paper in half?

Can you fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times?

The commonly accepted wisdom is that you can ‘t fold a single sheet of paper in half more than seven times . They determined that using a larger sheet of paper would make it possible to fold the paper in half more than seven times . MythBusters used a sheet of paper the size of a football field.

What is the world record for folding paper in half?

On 27 January 2002, high school student, Britney Gallivan, of Pomona, California, USA, folded a single piece of paper in half 12 times and was the first person to fold a single piece paper in half 9, 10, 11, and 12 times. The tissue paper used was 4,000 ft (1,219 m; 0.75 miles) long.

What happens if you fold paper 50 times?

In fact, if you had a sheet of paper , and folded it in half 50 times , how thick would it be? The answer is about 100 million kilometres, which is about two thirds of the distance between the Sun and the Earth. And so Accepted Wisdom on Paper – Folding ruled, until 2001.

Is it true that if you fold a piece of paper 42 times?

If you could fold a piece of paper 42 times , the thickness would be enough to reach the moon. A standard sheet of paper is about 0.1 mm so 42 folds would give us this: 0.1 * 2 42 = 439,804,651,110 mm. This, of course, could not be done with a standard sheet of paper because of its physical limits.

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Why does Paper explode after 7 folds?

Why does paper explode when under extreme pressure? Well, the main reason is that paper is made of cellulose (which is derived from wood), and wood explodes under extreme pressure. From a structural standpoint, paper is just a bunch of thin wood with words on it.

What happens if you fold a paper 100 times?

With just over 100 folds , the thickness of the paper would be equal to 93 billion light-years. The reason for this is exponential growth.

What is the world record for sleeping?

Many of us might wonder how someone can sleep for more than 8 or 10 hours at a stretch. Yet, Peter Powers, a Hypnotist from the UK holds the record of longest sleep to date. He stayed asleep for eight days straight and this feat was even covered by the European media exclusively.

How many times do you have to fold a paper to reach the sun?

With 51 you will burn in the Sun . Now fast forward to 81 folds and your paper will be 127,786 light-years, almost as thick as the Andromeda Galaxy, estimated at 141,000 light-years across.

What is the world record for holding your breath?

In 2016, he set the Guinness World Record by holding his breath for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. That’s 54 seconds longer than the world’s previous best time (which Segura also set), and some two minutes longer than the runtime of most sitcoms.

How tall would a paper be if you fold it 50 times?

This is the easy bit: we just have to compare the two numbers: Distance to Moon: 384,400 km. Height of paper folded 50 times : 112,589,991 km.

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Why does folding paper make it stronger?

Paper is very weak under compression and is somewhat stronger under tension (i.e., it collapses when you push the ends together but it doesn’t pull apart easily). By folding or rolling the paper , you create a “thickness” which allows the paper to reinforce itself and not collapse so easily.

How thick is a piece of paper if you fold it 50 times?

1 mm thick, folding it 50 times makes it 2^50 times thicker, and you get 112 million km (80 million miles), or . 75 AU (the distance from the earth to the sun).

Can a piece of paper reach the moon?

Folding a paper in half, even a paper as fine as that of the Bible, 25 times would give us a paper almost a quarter of a mile. Now, if you think that the distance between the Earth and the Moon is less than 250,000 miles, then starting with a piece of Bible paper and folding it 45 times, we get to the Moon .

How many sheets of paper would it take to reach the moon?

And incredibly, it only takes 42 foldings of a paper to get from the Earth to the Moon , and only about 94 foldings of a paper to make something the size of the entire visible Universe. And now you know how many times you’d have to fold a piece of paper to reach the Moon !

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