Quick Answer: For what it’s worth?

For what it’s worth meaning?

phrase. If you add for what it’s worth to something that you say, you are suggesting that what you are saying or referring to may not be very valuable or helpful, especially because you do not want to appear arrogant.

For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield meaning?

Written by Buffalo Springfield guitarist Stephen Stills, this song was not about anti-war gatherings, but rather youth gatherings protesting anti-loitering laws, and the closing of the West Hollywood nightclub Pandora’s Box. Stills was not there when they closed the club, but had heard about it from his bandmates.

Is for what it’s worth pro or anti war?

Although “For What It’s Worth ” is often considered an anti – war song, Stephen Stills was inspired to write the song because of the Sunset Strip curfew riots in November 1966—a series of early counterculture-era clashes that took place between police and young people on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California,

Who wrote for what its worth?

How do you use for what it’s worth?

Prepositional phrase “For what it’s worth ” can be used to emphasize humility by prompting the reader/listener to provide their judgment of worth against the statement being made; i.e., it may be useful information, it may not be, or perhaps differs from that the recipient’s opinion.

For what it matters Meaning?

phrase. You can use for that matter to emphasize that the remark you are making is true in the same way as your previous, similar remark.

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For what it’s worth original artist?

HAJEK: Legend has it, Stephen Stills , who heard about the protests while he was up in San Francisco, wrote “For What It’s Worth” in just 15 minutes.

Who Sings For what its worth?

What happened Buffalo Springfield?

Their second album, Buffalo Springfield Again, marked their progression to psychedelia and hard rock. After several drug-related arrests and line-up changes, the group disbanded in 1968. Stephen Stills went on to form the supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash with David Crosby of The Byrds and Graham Nash of The Hollies.

What year is it for what it’s worth?

For what it’s worth I’m sorry meaning?

29. Loading when this answer was accepted… It means ‘whether or not this is of any use/value’. For what it’s worth , I’m very sorry I broke the window. means , for example, that it may not make any difference to the physical state of the window, but that hopefully the apology helps placate you.

For what its worth its never too late?

For What It’s Worth , It’s Never Too Late , or In Any Case, Too Early, to be Whatever You Want to Be . -F. Scott Fitzgerald Quote Print, Unframed.

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