Quick Answer: What is duns number?

What is the DUNS number for my company?

A DUNS number is a unique nine-character number used to identify your organization. The federal government uses the DUNS number to track how federal money is allocated.

How do I get my DUNS number?

Business entities may request the DUNS number by calling a toll-free telephone number: 1-(866) 705-5711. Tell the operator that you are applying to a Federal financial assistance program and need to register for a DUNS number.

Does every company have a DUNS number?

Dun & Bradstreet is the largest business credit-reporting bureau. According to Amber Colley, a business credit expert at Dun & Bradstreet, its database includes more than 225 million global businesses. Businesses that contract with government agencies are required to have a DUNS number.

What is a DUNS number and where can I find it?

The Data Universal Numbering System ( DUNS ) number is a unique nine-digit identification number provided by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The DUNS Number is site-specific. Therefore, each distinct physical location of an entity (such as branches, divisions, and headquarters) may be assigned a DUNS number.

How much does a DUNS number cost?

How Much Does a DUNS Number Cost? The DUNS number is free. However, if you wish to receive your number faster than the standard 45 days, you can purchase an expedited process from D&B for $229.

Do DUNS numbers expire?

DUNS numbers do not expire. In fact, your unique number will remain with your company even if you go out of business.

What can I do with my DUNS number?

7 Things You Can Do With a DUNS Number Establish Business Credit. Track Your Credit Report. Your credit report isn’t just helpful when you apply for a loan. Obtain Financing. Apply for Government Contracts. Appeal to Potential Partners. Develop Apps. Register as a Supplier. Apply for SSL Certificate.

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How long does it take to get DUNS number?

Apply here to get a DUNS number. Once you’ve applied, you’ll likely get a call from a D&B representative to help you through the process, and you’ll receive your DUNS number within 30 days. For quicker service, you can use DUNSFile to get it in less than five business days, but it will cost you $229.

Does a nonprofit need a DUNS number?

All federal grant applicants must have a Dun and Bradstreet ” DUNS ” number (Data Universal Numbering System) to apply for or renew grants, or submit plans under mandatory grant programs.

How many DUNS numbers can a company have?

Yes, more than one D-U-N-S Number can be issued at the same physical location if they are (1) separate legal entities (ie; LLC, Inc., Corp) or (2) companies that have the same legal business name but different DBA’s and/or a different line of business that is specific to the nature of operations.

Can I get a DUNS number as a sole proprietor?

Any company worldwide can obtain a Dun and Bradstreet D-U-N-S number. The company can be anything from a sole proprietorship to an S corporation to an LLC to a multinational business and anything in between.

Is UEI the same as Ein?

The UEI data element will be used similarly to how the DUNS number is today for interfacing system actions. Currently the Federal government already issues a unique identification number, which is called the Employer Identification Number ( EIN ). This number is used throughout the U.S. for multiple purposes.

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