Quick Answer: What keeps you alive?

What keeps you alive explanation?

Just as her father told her, “only kill what keeps you alive “. Not only did she kill multiple women before Jules, she also murdered Jenny when she got a cramp in the lake and held onto her, which led to the young girl’s death. This major twist in Jackie’s story line ultimately defines the movie —killing to stay alive .

What keeps you alive true story?

No, ‘ What Keeps You Alive ‘ is not based on a true story . However, it draws its inspiration from a real -life fear of not knowing what’s going on in your partner’s head. In fact, as humans, we don’t even know much about ourselves. We only latch onto a given identity and then mold ourselves accordingly.

What keeps you alive ending scene?

In the final moments of the film, Jackie also kills Sarah and her husband after Jules invites them over for dinner and tries to seek help from Sarah. Jackie then drives Jules to the same cliff in an attempt to push her off again and finally, kill her. But Jules stabs her neck with a tranquilizer dart and escapes.

What keeps you alive rotten tomatoes?

Taut, thrilling and packed with delicious twists and turns, this is a terrific indie horror that marks out Minihan as a serious talent to watch. June 14, 2019 | Rating: 5/5 | Full Review…

What keeps you alive Jules die?

Moreover, it might be an indication of a sequel. We have the ending of What Keeps You Alive explained point by point for you! Jules, survives the first fall, she is severely injured, but alive. As she scrambles her way back to the cabinet, she has now realized that Jackie is a Psychopath .

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What keeps you alive cast?

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