Readers ask: What about us?

Who sings what about us?

What About Us Music Video meaning?

The video tells the story of a lost generation, its themes mirroring the pain of the many Americans who feel abandoned and unheard in today’s society. In the context of the video , Pink’s lyrics take on a different meaning , reading as a message to those in power from the people they left behind.

Who wrote what about us?

How old is pink?

What genre is what about us pink?

When was what about us released?

What is the meaning of what about?

1 : does that include (someone) : how about (someone) “We’re all going to the beach.” “What about Kenny?”

Who sang what about love?

Does Pink have a sister?

Hart also sharing an incredibly touching, beautiful moment with a photo of Pink’s brother, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Moore, saluting as his sister sang the National Anthem.

Is pink single?

Last year, Pink revealed that she and Hart have been in therapy for nearly their entire relationship. “Carey and I have been in couples counseling almost our entire 17 years that we’ve been together,” she said in an interview with Carson Daly for the Today show. “It’s the only reason we’re still together.

Who is Pink’s husband?

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