Readers ask: What does tldr mean?

What does TLDR mean in texting?

Too long; didn’t read (abbreviated TL;DR and tl;dr ) is a shorthand notation added by an editor indicating that a passage appears too long to invest the time to digest it.

Is TLDR rude?

Generally speaking, you should only use TLDR when summarizing a piece of text, whether you’re the author or commenter. Using the phrase TLDR without offering a useful summary for the content can come off as intentionally rude (but of course, that may be your intention).

How do you use TLDR in a sentence?

For example, someone sharing a story might include the tl;dr at the end to avoid spoiling anything for someone reading the whole thing. tl;dr If the tl;dr is important information, put it at the top. If it’s for convenience, put it at the bottom. The tl;dr at the end is often the result of an unthinking or lazy writer.

What FTFY means?

FTFY stands for ‘fixed that for you.

What does BBM mean sexually?

This means my sexuality is extremely fluid! Big Handsome Man Big Handsome Man (BHM), or Big Hulking Men, or sometimes Big Beautiful Man ( BBM ), refers to a physically or sexually attractive fat man.

What does V mean in texting?

The word V is used in Texting , Slang meaning very,five,5.

Is TLDR professional?

You can use the CONCEPT of a tl;dr in a formal mail. just don’t NAME it that. Call it “summary” or a similar term. Clients will love a short and to the point conclusion, because it means they don’t need to read a 50 line email if they can’t or don’t want to.

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