What is imc?

What do you mean by IMC?

Integrated Marketing Communications is a simple concept. At its most basic level, Integrated Marketing Communications, or IMC, as we ‘ll call it, means integrating all the promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony. Promotion is one of the Ps in the marketing mix.

What is IMC example?

2. Southwest Airlines Transfarency. Southwest Airlines has launched an integrated marketing campaign called “Transfarency.” The airline uses television, radio, print and digital assets to demonstrate how customers will pay for things like checked bags, flight changes and snacks and drinks.

What is IMC and why is it important?

Integrated marketing communication ensures two way dialogue with customers – a must in all business. Integrated marketing communication plays an essential role in delivering a unified message to end-users through various channels and thus has better chances of attracting customers.

What is the role of IMC?

The primary role of IMC is to systematically evaluate the communication needs and wants of the buyer and, based on that information, design a communication strategy that will (a) provide answers to primary questions of the target audience, (b) facilitate the custom ability to make correct decisions, and (c) increase

What is IMC and its features?

Integrated marketing communication refers to integrating all the methods of brand promotion to promote a particular product or service among target customers. In integrated marketing communication, all aspects of marketing communication work together for increased sales and maximum cost effectiveness.

What are the elements of IMC?

Components of IMC include: the foundation, the corporate culture, the brand focus, consumer experience, communications tools, promotional tools, and integration tools.

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What companies use IMC?

IMC works well with McDonalds, Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft. These companies are able to convey message to message with products they have produce.

Why do companies use IMC campaigns?

Simply put, employing integrated marketing communications campaigns allows you to create a unified marketing strategy that potentially delivers incredible benefits. Not only does it boost sales and profits, but it also sharpens your competitive edge, and improves brand loyalty.

How does Coca Cola use IMC?

The Coca – Cola Company is a worth learning model on applying IMC strategy. It is mainly the use of the mass media methods: print advertising, banner ads and TV advertising. It’s the result of their aggressive advertising. What’s important, Coca – Cola is the first soft drink brand to appear in the space (Hartlaub, 2015).

What is IMC planning process?

Integrated marketing communications management is defined as the process of planning, executing, evaluating, and controlling the use of the various promotional-mix elements to effectively communicate with target audiences.

What are the challenges of implementing an IMC?

The challenges of IMC are. A shift in market place power from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer/shift in channel power. A movement away from relying on advertising focused approach. Rapid growth of data base marketing. A shift in traditional promotions. Change in the way the advertising agencies compensated.

What are the factors that contributed to the growth of IMC?

Factors responsible for Rapid Growth of IMC  Allocation of funds from media advertising to other forms of promotion, particularly consumer- and trade-oriented sales promotions.  A shift from traditional ways of relying on advertising- focused approaches.

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How is IMC related to advertising?

The goal of IMC is to convey a company’s marketing messages in a consistent and coherent manner through different promotional channels. The utmost task for IMC is ensuring consistency in messages and executions so that the target audience is able to connect any execution to the brand in the end.

Is the need of hour for marketers?

There are plenty of ways that can together contribute to enhancing the reach of business globally. Addressing the digital needs of the customers and providing a reformed way for business to grow exponentially, digital marketing has become the need of the hour.

What is IMC and how does a company go about implementing it?

Integrated Marketing Communications ( IMC ) is a strategic, collaborative, and promotional marketing function where a targeted audience receives consistent and persuasive brand messaging through various marketing channels in an integrated way to move buyer’s through the decision making process.

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